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Now you can find your dream job in Germany.

COME4WORK connects you with employers in Germany. We have a strong and reliable infrastructure in the field of employment and employee recruitment.

Finding and placing suitable employment

As an experienced company providing employment and job placement services, we specialize in sourcing foreign workers to Germany. Our aim is to offer qualified people from around the world the opportunity to use their skills and experience in various areas of the dynamic German economy.

Professional matching

Thanks to our comprehensive matching processes between the employer and the candidate, we ensure that you find excellent jobs where your skills and interests can be put to good use. We match your characteristics in business life with the needs of companies looking for talents like you. In this way, we enable each candidate to find the workplace that best suits him/herself and his/her profession.

Visa and settlement process

We are with you not only during the mediation but also after it. We offer support for all processes related to your move to Germany, including visa applications. We believe that the rapid integration of our candidates is a key factor in their professional success in Germany.

How do we work?

At COME4WORK, we facilitate the placement of talented people in suitable jobs in Germany – here we serve everyone from low-skilled to top experts.

Your data will not be given to third parties without your consent.

We hope that by becoming a member of our site, you will find a job and working opportunity in the field you desire as soon as possible, and we wish you success.

Data security

Step 1: Apply to our platform and create a comprehensive talent profile. In order for companies to discover your talents, enter your profession, qualifications, diplomas and certificates, demographic information, as well as other information necessary for a successful brokerage.

Step 2: Then deposit a transaction fee of EUR 357.00. Thus, your membership registration to our site is completed. This fee covers a period of one year only.

Step 3: Once a successful mediation is achieved, we support you in carrying out all necessary transactions and follow up on the process, from obtaining a visa to completing your employment.

How does the process work?

Ufuk Guldu, Businessman

  • Artist, actor, director and theater pedagogue

  • Founder and director of Berlin Theater28

  • Founder of the association Interkulturell-Aktiv eV

  • Manager of Berlin Ballhaus Prinzenalle Hall

  • Member of the Extended Board of Directors of the German Theater Pedagogical Association (BuT)

Doğan Azman, Businessman

  • Secretary General and Press Spokesperson of the Turkish-German Employers' Association Germany (TDU)

  • Member of the Advisory Board of Berlin Charite University Hospital

  • Member of the examination commission of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

  • Vice President of Turkish-German Sister Cities Association (DTSV)

  • World City Izmir Association (DİDER) Germany Representative

  • Citizen Delegate of Berlin Reinickendorf District

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