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High paying jobs in Germany

How about living a good life by working in Germany?

As Come For Work, we facilitate the relations of job seekers and companies in Germany. Applying for a job abroad has never been easier.

What are we doing?

We facilitate business relations in Germany.

View and follow job postings.

Job Seekers


List your prospects and their postings.


Anonim Ş.

Registration Process

As an employer or job seeker, complete your registration process quickly by submitting the registration fee and required documents.


Human Resources Pool

Once your registration is completed, you will be directed to a filterable candidate pool based on employer preferences.


Recruitment Process

If you are selected by an employer recruiting in your field of expertise, obtaining the necessary permits and your departure process are carried out by us in coordination with the employer.


How does it work?

Visa Consultancy and Tracking

We are at your service during your visa processes with our services such as obtaining the application date, completing the necessary documents and tracking the application process.

Bureaucratic Process Consultancy Guarantee in Contracts

A healthy agreement process awaits you with our consultancy services that you can apply during your bureaucratic procedures in employee-employer agreements.

Life Orientation Consultancy Guaranteed in Germany

Even if the conditions are nice, you will never feel alone while adjusting to living in a new country. We provide consultancy services during your adaptation to work, social and cultural life in Germany. Our consultants will be with you for all your questions and problems.

Come4Work Privileges


Software specialist

They are professionals who specialize in computer programming and system design. Their job is to plan, develop and maintain software projects.

What Do We Offer?

Choose from over 4000 highly skilled talent based on your needs.

Instantly choose who you prefer to work with. We evaluate the talents for you.

We take care of all the paperwork for the person you choose.

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Job opportunities from Turkey to Germany

Frequently Asked Question

  • Too often, instruction doesn’t do that. And that’s where your point about the five-paragraph essay hits home. Students get a template, mimic the formula, toss off a halfhearted thesis.

  • Too often, the instruction doesn't do that. And that's where your point about the five-paragraph essay hits home. Students get a template, mimic the formula, toss off a halfhearted thesis.

  • Too often, the instruction doesn't do that. And that's where your point about the five-paragraph essay hits home. Students get a template, mimic the formula, toss off a halfhearted thesis.

  • Too often, the instruction doesn't do that. And that's where your point about the five-paragraph essay hits home. Students get a template, mimic the formula, toss off a halfhearted thesis.

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Tips for job seekers in Germany
How to get a residence permit in Germany
Worker transfer from Turkey to Germany

What is Come4Work?

Come4Work is a platform that acts as an intermediary to connect talented employees looking for work abroad with employers and businesses looking for new talents.

What law does the employment process operate in Germany?

The promised work and migration process is planned under conditions in accordance with the Skilled Labor Immigration Law.

What is the purpose of the Skilled Labor Migration Act?

The aim of the law is to ensure the migration of qualified workforce from third countries to the German labor market.

Who does the "qualified workforce" specified in this law include?

The new law divides qualified employees into two categories: qualified workforce with vocational training and workforce with academic education. Vocationally trained workforce are people who have completed their vocational training. If someone has received a qualified vocational training in a foreign country, before applying for a visa, the competent equivalence authorities in Germany check whether the vocational training in question is equivalent to the vocational training in Germany.

Qualified workforce with academic education includes those who graduated from a higher school in Germany, those who graduated from a foreign higher school whose equivalence procedures have been completed, or those who graduated from a foreign country with a diploma similar to that of a German university.

I received vocational training in a foreign country, but I did not receive its full equivalence. What should I do?

If the vocational training you received abroad is not fully recognized and deficiencies are detected compared to the education in Germany, you have the chance to participate in qualification programs in Germany. It is possible to stay there for a period of 18 months to ensure participation in these adaptation measures, but can be extended for up to two years. For this you generally need to know German and it must be at least A2 level. Working under a compliance program may be possible with some restrictions.

In Germany, it may be possible to work in the desired employment within the framework of an agreement between the Federal Employment Agency and the institutions responsible for labor administration on intermediation for certain professional groups in some states.

Can my family come with me?

Spouses and minor children of qualified workforce and family members known as nuclear family may request a visa for family reunification. While obtaining a skilled workforce visa, family members can also obtain a family reunification visa. Applications for the nuclear family can also be made later. However, in this case, documents regarding the employment of the qualified workforce in Germany, income, the status of the apartment to be resided in and the language skills of the spouse must be submitted. If the children of the skilled workforce are over 16 years of age and will later join their parents, they must be fluent in the German language.

How is communication between the potential employee and the employer ensured?

After users upload the necessary documents (CV, portfolio, certificates, etc.) to the system, the system adds the person to a data pool depending on the preferred company or position. If the worker is preferred by the employer, we personally contact you through the site. In short, there is no direct communication between the employee and the employer.

What is the procedure if I am chosen as an employee?

If you are preferred, we will request the documents required for you to work abroad. We personally undertake all your transactions accompanied by these documents.

On what basis is the security of the personal information provided ensured?

Come4work protects its users' data encrypted in accordance with international standards. The information is only accessible to users and Come4work cannot use user information without user permission.

I am in the 45 and over age group. Can I go to Germany as a qualified workforce?

Yes. If you do not receive an "EU Blue Card" and your annual gross salary is below EUR 45,540, you also need to apply for an appropriate pension. Supplementary pension is valid when taken in conjunction with your home or foreign pension insurance, private pension insurance or life insurance.

How to get professional qualification equivalence?

More information about the equivalence procedures for a professional qualification certificate or diploma obtained in a foreign country can be found in the links below (links are in German):

I don't have a college degree, but I completed a vocational training abroad. What are my opportunities?

Thanks to your qualification, you can get a residence permit to work in a qualified job. You also have the chance to work in areas close to each other. You should be able to complete certain tasks thanks to the proficiency you have. This does not apply to auxiliary workers and professions learned through practice. The Federal Employment Agency evaluates whether the qualification you received abroad is compatible with the job you desire.

What should I do if I have problems submitting the documents required for equivalence?

You have the chance to prove your professional abilities. You can do this for all dual qualification, mastery and further education occupations with a qualification analysis. It is also possible for you to take an adaptation course or an exam for regulated professions. For example, those working in the health and care field.

How much of the process does Come4Work support me?

Come4Work; It is at your side with consultancy and guidance services in many processes, from your communication with the employer to document submission follow-up. We are also at your side with our consultancy services in this field during your adaptation to social and cultural life in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions


Susan S.

Come4Work literally changed my life. After I submitted my documents and was selected by the employer, all long procedures such as work permit and passport procedures were completed automatically without me having to move a muscle, and I went abroad with the first plane. Thank you Come4Work!


Erdem K.

Come4Work really offers a lot of opportunities to its users. It is a real opportunity pool with hundreds of job opportunities and at least that many more employers. I have experienced it and I recommend it to everyone.


Mehmet A.

I must admit that at first I was a little hesitant about such a new type of service. But all my hesitations soon proved unfounded. Come4Work is extremely safe and official in terms of both privacy rights and principles and the authorities contacted. Come4Work = Trust!


Pelin Ş.

I've had a dream of working abroad since I was young. This dream came true in the easiest way possible, thanks to Come4Work. Procedures that would have taken me years, from residence and work permits to visa and passport procedures, as well as looking for a job, were handled in a much shorter time by Come4Work.

What do our users say?

Germany business visa

How Do Things Work for Employers?

Register and create a profile.

Specify the skills you are looking for and we will search.

Get best matched to your needs.

Choose the talent provider that suits you best from the data pool.

Agree on terms through us.

Complete the deal and contact the talent provider

continue on your way.

living in Germany

Register and create a profile.

Highlight the skills you want to be known for.

Match with professions and businesses that match your skills.

Submit your requests after being selected from the pool.

Submit the necessary documents for the transactions.

Come4work will get back to you after your contract and visa procedures are completed.

How Do Things Work for Job Seekers?

Germany work permit

What's in store for employers?

More than 4000 highly skilled talents are here to suit your needs!

Instantly select the people you prefer to work with. We evaluate talents.

No more direct communication with job seekers! We convey your conditions and act as the intermediary.

The opportunity to find new talents from abroad awaits you.

emigrate to Germany

Apply your great skills the way they deserve.

Get the opportunity to work in Germany!

Deliver the documents and make yourself comfortable. We act as intermediaries for your travel to Germany.

Choose your working style preference. Full-time, freelance or hybrid.

We also manage the communication with employers for you.

What's Available for Job Seekers?

We Provide Working Opportunities in Germany for 100's of Professional Groups!



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